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Join the Digital Learning Revolution


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1. Join the Digital Learning Revolution [[272]]

  1. Source: Join the Digital Learning Revolution, Texas Education Agency / Power On Texas

2. POWER ON TEXAS [[274]]

  1. Now is the time. Digital technology is sparking a quiet revolution in Texas, transforming the way teachers teach and students learn. The technology-fueled movement toward 21st century learning is spreading throughout the state in school districts large and small, urban and rural. At the leading edge of the movement are pioneering administrators and teachers who engage students through technology and empower them to take greater control of their own learning. Now, for the first time, the digital learning revolution is brought to life in POWER ON TEXAS, a landmark project of the Texas Education Agency. A one-hour documentary film provides a firsthand look at the transformative impact of technology integration in Texas classrooms. The project showcases not only best practices but also the planning, commitment, professional development and support required for digital learning programs to thrive. It also includes an interactive website,, where you can learn more about the innovative technology-enhanced lessons and teaching strategies developed at seven featured school districts in Texas.

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